GARMIN GPS Product List

HAYS HOBBY SHOP is here! We are now a full line TRAXXAS dealer! If you don't know, they are the leader and award winning radio control vehicle manufacturer. We will stock most of their vehicles and parts. We hope to have them on our website in the future. If there is something you need send me an email. We are very excited to find another product that has a promising future! Along with the TRAXXAS products we also sell other brands of parts and accessories. We also sell many other brands of hobby related products. Please visit Hays Hobby Shop.

NOTICE: We are still a GARMIN dealer however we are rarely in the office as we had to get other jobs because of steadily shrinking GPS sales. We also no longer maintain our website. All GPS business is now done via email. We have shut off the business phone. Please email any questions to us. We still sell everything GARMIN makes other than aviation units. If there is something you want to order and you don't find it on our website email us and we'll send you an order link for our shopping cart. Thanks for all of your past business and any future business. We very much appreciate it. Thanks.